Clean Master for PC 6.0

This is the Windows PC version of a clean-up tool that was originally on Android

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Clean Master for PC is a simple program that identifies junk files that are taking up space on your hard drive; better optimizing your computer and making it run faster. It is very similar to apps available for smartphone devices, but it also works with most computers and other devices that run a Windows operating system.

Junk files are both temporary and permanent files that you can pick up as you surf the web and visit your favorite sites. These files can include the cached files that your internet browser retains after a browsing session and the unnecessary files that you download as you download a new program or game. Each of those files can take up a significant amount of space on your computer's hard drive, which will result in your computer running slower. You may find that it takes twice as long to open and load a new website or that it takes longer to download a new program.

With Clean Master for PC, you can open the program and click the Scan Now button on the home page to start a scan. Though it can take some time to complete a scan, the program typically does a quick scan in just a few minutes. You can even run another program and do other tasks on your computer as it scans.

Once the scan completes, you'll see the total amount of space that those junk files took up at the top of the page. You can click on the Cleaning button to automatically clean and delete all those files. Many users prefer clicking on one of the category listings further down on the page to see the files that it identified as junk. This keeps you from deleting necessary files. As Clean Master for PC can integrate with your recycling bin, it's important that you double check each file before letting the program delete it.

The program divides the junk files it finds in categories like online gaming, web cache, social software junk, and system cache. The system cache includes files that your computer creates. You can view log files, temporary files, system patches and even your recycling bin. Some users move folders and files to their recycling bins and don't take the time to actually delete those files from the bin. This program can automatically do that for you.

When you check the social software junk, you'll find files created and saved each time that you use a social media site like Facebook or Twitter. This program does a good job of showing where those files came from in terms of the most popular sites and then places files from all other sites in one category listing. You can also view all the files on your computer that relate to the online games you play. These files can take up a lot of space on your hard drive and slow your computer down to a crawl.

Clean Master for PC can also locate all the video and audio junk files on your computer, including caches relating to the searches that you did in the past and any files that did not fully download. When you watch a video or listen to music online, you may find that the media buffers until it fully loads. Your computer can record those buffers, but this program will actually track down all those files and let you delete each one.

The best thing about this program is that it can provide you with basic information about up to 500 files. Other similar programs will only give you details about a few hundred files, and some will only work in batches of 100 files at a time. Clean Master for PC also lets you view and analyze each of that file to ensure that you only delete those that are harmful to your computer. This keeps you from deleting files that pertain to your operating systems or files relating to some of the programs that you use daily.

With its notification option, you can now tell the program when to alert you about those junk files. You can set the program up to alert you when you have 100MB of junk files, 300MB, 500MB or even 800MB of junk files. It also lets you set a maximum amount of 1GB. The program will keep track of the junk files on your computer and send out a notification when you reach the amount you selected. This lets you know when to go in and delete files or run a new scan.

Though Clean Master for PC doesn't come with a lot of options or advanced features, it's a good program for those who want to optimize the way their computers run. You can integrate this program with your recycling bin to launch scans from the recycling bin itself. After emptying that bin of all the files you want to delete, click the button to run a quick scan. You can then quick;y delete any of the files that the program finds. This is one of the easiest programs designed for cleaning up hard drives. Even if you have little computer skills, Clean Master for PC is a program that you can use in minutes.


  • Performs most scans fairly quickly
  • Gives you lots of information about junk files and files that you do not need
  • Can scan deep into your computer and access hidden files
  • Lets you change the notifications based on what you want to know about
  • Will work with different menus on your computer


  • Requires that you double check the files it marks because it may mark necessary files
  • May not find all junk files that you can safely delete
  • Can lead to you deleting some files accidentally because of the integrated recycling bin
  • Lacks some of the options found in similar programs
  • Doesn't come with many advanced options or features

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